Boy Meets World cast reunites

Festival celebrates tv past, present and future

Updated: Saturday, 08 Jun 2013, 12:13 PM CDT
Published : Saturday, 08 Jun 2013, 12:13 PM CDT

AUSTIN (KXAN) - The Austin Television Festival, which goes on this weekend, celebrates the best of television series, including a reunion of the cast from Boy Meets World.

The Austin TV Festival: Season Two features a variety of panels and episodes of favorite television shows. Big names at the event include an actors round table as well as panels on web series, directing, creating and sound creation on television episodes.

Trina McGee, who starred as Rider Strong's girlfriend Angela Moore in the series Boy Meets World, was in the KXAN News studio on Saturday morning to talk about the series cast reunion with KXAN News.

A Friday panel on the series, which included a screening of the finale. Other members of the cast present at the event included Ben Savage (Cory Matthews), Matthew Lawrence (Jack Hunter), Betsy Randle (Amy Matthews) and show creator Michael Jacobs were on hand. Danielle Fishel (Topanga Lawrence) taped a message.

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Video Interview and Source Here: http://www.kxan.com/dpp/community/boy-meets-world-cast-reunites via www.bmwsequel.com

Family Drama

I have gone through a lot in my life with bullies. I don't have any friends at all in real life off the computer. My social life is on my computer where my true friends are. I've looked up to my cousin Laura ever since we were kids. I've always admired her even though she is 2 years older than me I still did. She was my best friend or so I thought..... When I was in High School she tutored me in History Class. Those memories with her are some of my favorites. Laura and I grew extremely close after she had her son 3 years ago. We hung out ALL the time and I babysat her son all the time that was until the middle of 2010. I loved those times with her and her son. I don't have any real life friends that I can hang out with so because of that I kind of clung to Laura quite a bit.  If I was annoying  I did not mean to be. She and her son are so special to me. She is/was my best friend ever and shared things with me that she could not even tell her own family. I mean that is how close we were. Her husband never liked me and was jealous of that. He had went off on me a few times saying I disrespected them since their son was born. Just so rude so I tried to avoid him at all costs. I got anxiety whenever I was around him.

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Writing Out My Thoughts

I was talking to Aunt Laurie about stuff tonight. She told me that she had got to thinking last night that if my Nana was here that she'd only have to say one thing to me and I would stop worrying about all this drama. Needless to say I started crying after I hung up with her. I miss my Nana so much and there are times like now I wish I could talk to her. It's hard to believe it will be coming up on 4 years that she's been gone. I do believe that through it all she has been there with me because I have been one hell of a lot stronger than I ever thought I would be. Always good to know you have that angel on your shoulder.  


I've gone through a lot of hard things in my life, dealing with bullies, losing a childhood friendship(we are still friends just not nearly as close) losing my Nana who was a second mother, and now losing a person(actually 3 others too) that I NEVER in a million years thought would be that so mean and hurtful to me over something so petty and stupid. I've definitely become more aware of the fact than ever that sometimes you just have to let people go and unfortunately for me I am realizing that I need to do that becuase being around people that make issues out of the stupidest thing or don't tell you how they feel are not worth it.


One of the reasons I love my best friend so stinking much is because she will tell me right away if I do something that upsets her so that I know not to do it anymore. You can't really expect someone to read your mind and you should always tell them if you have a problem with them rather than blindside them like I have so recently been done. At least with Liz I know she will NEVER end our friendship. I found a trust with her more than I do with anyone. She's my sister from another mister.


Heidi is my only friend from here I got to hang out with and she's inspired me to maybe go there and get my license so I can see her and the kids. She's a special friend. I know with her at least I will have a great friendship!  I can't forget about Jacinda either she lives close by so her and I can hang out too. Jacinda.... I am so glad I met her at PHP Counseling back in High School. It was a great group thing I went to I actually made lots of friends there. I'm so glad I got to go there and I wish they still had it.


All in all you really dont' know who you can trust anymore even family. You really don't... Well writing this made me feel better. I should start using my live journal a lot more!

People on Facebook

I just gotta say that it annoys the fuck out of me when people put shit on Facebook that clearly will have people's reaction's be "What's going on?" or "Is Everything OK?".  It also annoys the fuck out of me when you ask them or their friend whats going on and they cop an attitude telling you to stay out of peoples business. Yeah I get it you kind of are up in their business but obviously if you don't want people asking you shit or knowing what it's about then you need to keep it the fuck off Facebook. JFC. I'm so sick of people lately.

/End of rant.